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Manisha holds expertise in tarot, Wiccan spirituality, occult studies, and ancient wisdom courses with 20+ years of experience. She has worked as an expert in various cities in India. She has also conducted several workshops in Singapore and New Zealand

She has her features in magazines like Femina, Citadel, Health. She is an expert in her field and is one of the most renowned names in the industry. she is not only acclaimed nationally but she has left her left her mark in the international market as well.


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  • Professional Tarot Reading Course

    • What is divination? What are the various divination tools?
    • Working on developing the intuition and positive energy
    • Aligning with the five elements and experiencing their energy
    • Philosophy of the Tarot cards and their impact and connection with the human subconscious mind
    • Tarot as a divination tool and spiritual medium
    • Meaning of each card and understanding the major and minor arcana
    • Association with numbers, planets, elements and archetypes
    • Analysing your personal journey so far and using Tarot for personal guidance
    • Tarot spreads and interpretation and building a coherent reading
    • Prescribing solutions for concerns in various areas of life – health, wealth, harmonious life, etc.



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  • Assignments

    • Major Arcana case studies – 20
    • 20 case studies including detailed Tarot readings for 20 different people with questions involving all  aspects of life

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