Bharatanatyam The perfect amalgamation of Dance, Expression & Drama

Date :- 16th December 2016

Grace is the other name for Bharatanatyam; it is a remarkable classical dance form of India known for his sophistication, grace and grandeur. The impact of Bharatanatyam lie in its name, it is derived from three words 'Bha' - Bhavam meaning expression, 'Ra'  Ragam meaning melody and 'Ta' - Thalam meaning Rhythm.

There are three main elements of Bharatanatyam which make this classical art form:

  • Nritta (rhythmic dance movements, pure dance form)
  • Natya (dance combined with a dramatic aspect)
  • Nritya (combination of facial expressions)

With its rich history and convention, Bharatanatyam has contributed massively in the cultural fabric of India. Being a celestial dance form that embodies the cosmic relationship of natya and abhinaya, theory in Bharatanatyam is very significant. Though it is a really ancient form of dance it is still being taught and practiced as it is received by the new generation enthusiastically.

Top reasons why parents want kids to learn Bharatanatyam classes at a tender age –

  1. Discipline - Bharatanatyam is a dance form that is largely dependent on discipline. Discipline is one of primary values imparted to a child. Being disciplined from a tender age helps a child climb the ladder of success. The patient practices of the adavu along with guru bhakthi spread by this dance make certain that a child is disciplined at an early age.
  2. Help in socializing - Bharatanatyam classes will help your child shed all his/her shyness and inhibitions. Dancing with other students and in front of so many people will boost the morale of your child.  It helps build that self confidence that parents always seek for in their children. Bharatanatyam will help in bringing out the extrovert in your child. 
  3. Boosts the mind - The process of learning Bharatanatyam holds a lot of nitty-gritties which helps improve the mental faculties of the children. The delicate movements of the feet along with the hand and eye coordination in the steps helps the children have a lucid and well-focused mind. In the process of learning Bharatanatyam the child is trained to concentrate which in turn helps him/her in the others works of life.

The philosophy behind this dance is to search the human soul and unite with the Supreme Being. Now-a-days it is learned as a hobby or a career by many people. Being a dance form that blends dance, music and theatre Bharatanatyam is an activity that infuses self-confidence in the children. Bharatanatyam brings about positivity in individuals especially children.

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