Importance of Learning Languages for a Healthy Brain

Date :- 18th December 2017

Learning a language is one of the hardest tasks a brain can do. This is a type of exercise helps the brain to keep itself healthy. Some of the most famous people and fictional characters are multi-lingual. The people who speak two languages are called duo-lingual; those who speak three languages are called tri-lingual. But those who can speak more than three languages are called polyglot; while who can speak more than nine languages are called hyper-polyglots.

Fact – Almost every Indian is duo-lingual or tri-lingual.

Sherlock Holmes was a polyglot. There are a few people who are hyper polyglot and can speak upto 25 different languages fluently.

Exercise to the Brain

Brain also requires exercises. While meditation, yoga, sleep and pranayama relaxes the brain. There are very few exercises which truly help the brain. One of the exercises is learning a new language.

Improves Cognitive Skills

Being able to speak many languages helps in the development of cognitive skills. The many benefits of excellent cognitive skills are:

  1. have higher general intelligence
  2. be better at planning, prioritizing, and decision making
  3. score higher on standardized math, reading, and vocabulary tests 
  4. be more perceptive of their surroundings
  5. avoid falling for marketing hype 
  6. understand others’ points of view
  7. have better focus, concentration, and attention 
  8. delay immediate gratification in the pursuit of long-term goals
  9. have better memory and memorization skills, including better working memory
  10. exhibit mental flexibility 
  11. switch between tasks quickly
  12. be creative
  13. have good listening skills

Delays Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Learning multiple languages help in the smooth functioning of the brain. This helps to decrease the chances of developing Dementia, Alzheimer Disease and other illnesses up to five years.

Increase in Grey Cells

Increase in brain activity helps in the rapid production of brain cells called the “Grey Cells”. Grey cells are responsible for the proper functioning of the brain.

Helps expand language capabilities

People who can speak multiple languages have greater lingual capabilities. They are able to blend and thrive in any environment.

Social Benefits

People tend to have an affinity to a person who speaks in their language. Hence a multi-lingual person definitely has an edge with native speakers than people who speak only one language.

Career Benefits

Being multi-lingual or polyglot helps to advance one’s career. A professional with multiple language skills has many opportunities of growth anywhere.

Learn a new language; your brain will thank you!

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