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Date :- 16th December 2016

Work smart and add several attributes to your CV with Talenticious. We are world’s first live, interactive, personalized and online training platform that helps nurture your talent. 
Talenticious is an amalgamation of expert talent gurus who help in nurturing the right talent in you and extract the best out of you. 

At Talenticious there is a wide array of categories that you can choose from.

Singing - We provide the unique opportunity to learn Classical music or western music from the convenience of their home through a highly structured curriculum, a clear path for progression. 

Music – From learning traditional musical instruments to modern you can find the best talent gurus under one roof. Find the right music teacher to learn that musical instrument that you always aspired to.  

Dance - Find a Master on Talenticious who can guide you in various forms of dance. We have expert dance gurus who have excelled in their dance forms. Learn the “thumkas” of Bollywood dance or learn mudras of Bharatanatyam, the choice is yours.

Language – If you happen to be a language enthusiast, who loves to pick up new languages, we present to you language experts from all over the world who are well-versed in various languages. 

Theatrics – Get in touch with the actor lost in your busy schedule. Our theatre expects help you master the art of theatrics.  Learn the art of expression, body language and dialogue delivery within a few sessions.

Education - Find a Teacher on Talenticious to gain more knowledge about disciples that you are enthusiastic about. From Vedic math to abacus classes for kids to personality development d financial planning we have expert trainers for all disciplines.

Spiritual – Learning the art of chanting mantras or learning to read tarot cards. Our expert trainers from different field help you learn these specific disciplines. Get in touch with your Mystic self with experts on Talenticious.

Health & Fitness - Learn internationally acclaimed fitness regime of Masala Bhangra or different forms of fitness training be it Zumba or aerobics from our fitness experts and get going in a fun yet healthy way. You can also just book a session for diet consultation on Talenticious.

From picking up a new hobby to perusing a career Talenticious provides you with a platform to go to the next level in life. Talenticious is a personalized and online training platform.

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