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Date :- 30th November 2016

In today’s fast movie world of technology we often lack the time to attend any one on one class. We are constantly running the race against time and nurturing some lost skills seem like a far-fetched dream. Here is an online platform that provides online training for a wide array of genera; it also ensures that you can learn at your convenient time slots.  

Talenticious is the world’s first live, interactive and personalized training platform that helps you blossom your talent.


The categories in which Talenticious offer online learning are as follows-

  • Singing – The old school idea of going to the teacher’s house for training is undergoing a revolution with Talenticious. Under singing Talenticious brings to you wide range of categories starting from classical, semi-classical, western classical to jazz and blues. These trainers are certified and trained in their specific genera. They are the masters of their fields
  • Music – Learning a musical instrument has been a desire to many but taking out time for the same has never been possible. Now you can sit at home, take out a couple of hours and learn any instrument you want. Under Talenticious we have skilled trainers under the sub-categories of Flute, Guitar, Tabla and many more. 
  • Dance - Find a tutor now on Talenticious who can guide you in various forms of dance such as Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Bollywood, Kathak, Hip-hop or Freestyle. Learn quick dance moves from our experience trainers and become a pro in a few weeks.
  • Language – Expressing via words is secondary to human nature. On Talenticious you can learn multiple languages from the experts online and earn more credibility. We have trained professionals under the sub-categories of French, German, Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.
  • Theatrics – Learn the art of acting with seasoned professional who are experts in theatrics. They take into consideration your every expression, every move to help you master the art. Master the art of expression within a few weeks and get acclaimed on a global level with acting gurus on Talenticious.
  • Education – The thrust for knowledge is never ending, todays knowledge is useful tomorrow. With Talenticious, you can help you kids learn skills like Abacus or Vedic Math. You can also learn the science of Astrology or Tarot card reading. Find a best tutor on Talenticious to gain more knowledge and learn new and exciting hobbies.
  • Mantras - Having a spiritual aura separates you from any average human beings. Mantras help you reach that level of peacefulness that calms both your body and soul. Chanting a mantra everyday marks affirmation for you. Learn mantras from spiritual gurus on Talenticious and notice a remarkable change in yourself.
  • Health & fitness – To maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle in today’s busy schedule seems like an unattainable target. We at Talenticious understand your concerns regarding the lack of time. So you can learn Zumba, Aerobics or Masala Bhangra from the convenience of your home and enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle.


We at Talenticious ensure that all individuals get exposure at a global platform, learn anything that they have always being looking for. Talenticious is an exclusive platform built to nurture the right talent.

If you are looking to learn a skill or train others on a global platform, Log on to – www.talenticious.com

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