The Importance Of Sanskrit In The Modern Day And Age

Date :- 16th January 2017

Sanskrit language, has been universally recognized by those competent to form a judgment, as the most perfect, the most prominent and wonderfully sufficient literary instruments developed by the human mind – Sri Aurobindo

Sanskrit is the language of culture and assimilation it has been the most important medium in lending continuity to Indian civilization. Many other languages in India or abroad have taken freely from Sanskrit vocabulary and their literature is permeated with the Sanskrit heritage. The importance of Sanskrit in the modern day and age is immense.

Key advantages of Sanskrit in the modern day and age

  1. When there is a direct link between the sound and signs; it is called phonetic. We write Sanskrit exactly as we say which means that the writing of Sanskrit language is based on the sound of the spoken form.  It helps you sharpen your mental faculties.
  2. Sanskrit is considered as a spiritual language so it helps you be in touch with your divine self and soothes your inner being.
  3. Sanskrit is a language of classical literature, it is rich and abundant. It enhances your communication skills and enhances your vocabulary.
  4. Sanskrit is a global language. Many modern languages have been derived from the same hence it has no territory, it is not restricted.
  5. Getting a grip on the language Sanskrit, you have an access to the most ancient, profound, rich and extensive literature of Sanskrit which strengthens your understanding of a life style associated with that language.
  6.  Sanskrit literature is unique in its overwhelmingly poetic character; it helps you develop a very keen knowledge and understanding of a separate culture. 

Learning a new language is always exciting and it enhances your faculties. Being an ancient language it is rich and enhances your mental faculties.

We at Talenticious have gathered the best Sanskrit experts to deliver world class training of this language. We strive to make Sanskrit a language that can be used as a form of communication in our daily lives. We make sure you are an expert in only on speaking but also writing. Our approach is to help you understand and use the language naturally. We understand that learning a language is like starting something from scratch so our trainers make sure you get accustomed with the basics before moving forward.

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