The masked benefits of learning a new language

Date :- 19th December 2016

Entering a new venture or domain requires immense amount of time and dedication. It is exciting and also beneficial in many ways. In today's world, there are over 7000 languages and learning even one can have immense benefits. It is a given fact that it is tough to learn a new language for adults but it is never too late to learn.  Whatever your age, being bilingual certainly has its advantages, especially in today's global society. Today's economy is increasingly globalized, and this means that many of us are interacting across cultures in a way we never did before.

Here are 15 good reasons to be proud of knowing more than one language -  

  1. A new language gives the learner the ability to step inside the mind and context of that other culture.
  2. Language learning can develop a greater cognitive development in higher order thinking skills 
  3. Companies in this globalized world are hiring globally-minded people who can speak at least one language other than their native
  4. Attention span of individuals increase immensely through language learning
  5. You will never miss out on an genuine cultural experience because you couldn’t join in
  6. Who learn a second language are more open to cultural diversity and have a better understand of different people and cultures
  7. There are lots of other ways that speaking two or more languages can improve your employment prospects.
  8. When you know a new language it is easy to foster a Cross-Cultural Friendships that gives you a lot of insight into a new domain
  9. Your ambit and knowledge of culture increases and you figure out ways to learn more efficiently
  10. Knowing a new language means enjoying works of Art and literature in their Original Language
  11. Learning a second language improves brain function and stimulates creativity
  12. Can bridge the gap between cultures, contribute to international diplomacy
  13. Knowledge of a second language is a great way to stand out in the crowd and increase prospects of travelling
  14. Engage in business globally and increase the prospects of engaging in inter-cultural clients
  15. Foreign Language study creates more positive attitudes and less prejudice toward people who are different.

With a new language will be constantly engaged and you will gain an insight into many different cultures, which will certainly broaden your horizons.


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