Who all can enroll for the course?
Whoever wants to Learn and get trained under a course can enroll. We have batches for Beginners, Intermediate and advanced Levels. (All levels of a particular course are offered under our program)
What all do I need to attend a course?
All you need is - 1. A good Internet Connection 2. A high resolution webcam 3. Speakers and Mic (often inbuilt in your computer) 4. And a zeal to learn something new
Is any age limit?
No you can enroll on Talenticious; age is not a bar for us.
Who conducts the classes?
We provide students with well-established and trained teachers who are certified to train in the specific course they are teaching. Also all the information with respect to course like teacher's profile, fees , availability of batches and class schedule will be listed against each course.
Will I be able to access the recorded sessions whenever I want to?
All sessions are recorded and are duly saved and can be accessed by you through your anytime you want.
What infrastructure do I need to attend these classes?
Below mentioned infrastructure is recommended for best experience o Uninterrupted internet connections of at least 1 mbps upload and download speed. However for best experience we would recommend using 2 mbps internet speed. o We suggest using a 13” screen PC to take the course. o Smart phones may also be used for attending classes
Are we allowed to clarify our doubts during the session?
Yes, if a student has a doubt during the session, they can always clarify their doubts anytime. You can stop the trainer and tell them if you are not comfortable at the pace the trainer is teaching.
Can I reschedule my class?
Yes but we would recommend you inform the trainer at least 48 hours in advance so as to not waste his valuable time.
How do I contact you for more information?
You can always reach out to us on +91-91 - 020 – 67959720. Or you can also mail your query to info@talenticious.com